Business Administration a Good Major

Is Business Administration a Good Major to Choose in School?

The business world is very diverse. Studying business can lead to a variety of opportunities, from entry-level jobs to C-suite executive positions across a range of industries. Therefore, potential students can inquire: “Is business administration a decent major? ”

Business Administration a Good Major
Business Administration a Good Major

In this post, we’ll discuss what a business administration degree comprises, what you can accomplish with it, and other things. You will be able to decide for yourself at the end of this article if a business administration degree is worthwhile.

What is Business Administration?

It might be challenging to characterize the study of business administration in a single way due to the complexity of the corporate world. Having said that, degree programs in business administration offer the knowledge and abilities necessary for comprehending business ideas and practices.

To prepare students for success in any capacity they take on in the company, they frequently give analytical training and leadership training. Accounting, marketing, business ethics, finance, and human resources are just a handful of the topics covered in business administration degrees.

What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

So, is a degree in business administration worthwhile? The answer largely relies on the type of career you intend to pursue. A business administration degree provides access to a wide range of employment options because it educates about the many facets of business.

Here are some of the jobs you could get with a business administration degree. It’s crucial to remember that this list only represents a portion of what you can do with this degree as you read it.
Financial counselor, individual

Personal financial advisers evaluate their clients’ financial needs in order to assist them in making decisions on investments, taxes, insurance, and other financial matters. Personal financial advisors may be asked to assist a client with retirement planning or effective budgeting, for example. The average yearly salary for personal financial advisors is $94,170, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Business logistics are handled by logisticians, who are responsible for managing inventory, purchasing, warehousing, and transportation. They want to make the flow of supplies, people, and things as efficient as possible. The average yearly salary for logisticians is $77,030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Accountants are in charge of preparing financial statements and assisting firms with important financial choices. They carry out operations like audits and reconciliations and continuously check the accuracy of financial accounts. The average yearly salary for accountants, according to the BLS, is $77,250.

Underwriter for insurance

Insurance underwriters evaluate potential customers’ suitability for insurance and calculate the cost of their premiums based on their level of risk. Insurance underwriters use technology to carry out this analysis and come to thoughtful choices as well. According to Payscale, an insurance writer makes an average yearly compensation of $59,412.

Business Administration a Good Major
Business Administration a Good Major

Analyst for Market research

To assist firms in making a variety of strategic and operational decisions, market research analysts collect and evaluate data on consumers and competitors. In order to boost sales, they work to understand what clients want and carry out well-informed marketing strategies. Market research analysts make an average salary of $55, 742 per year, according to Payscale.

Analyst for Management

To aid in the optimization of business operations, management analysts prepare processes and operations. To attain operational effectiveness, they build systems, perform studies, and conduct evaluations.

Management analysts make an average yearly salary of $68,285 according to Payscale.

Benefits of Business Administration Studying

Studying business administration has several advantages, especially if you want to work in any type of corporate environment.

You have access to a variety of jobs, as you can see from the condensed list of employment options above. Additionally, these positions and the degree grant the following abilities:

  • Earn a good living; according to ZipRecruiter, the average pay for someone with a bachelor’s degree in business administration is $58,623 per year.
  • Attend industry events, look for mentors, and take advantage of other networking opportunities.
  • Learn a variety of useful and transferable skills, including critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving (to name a few)
  • Recognize markets and how firms operate.
  • Due to the ongoing change in markets, laws, and enterprises, you should always be learning.
  • One should stretch themselves and advance in their profession

How is business administration education at the University of the People?

It’s time to select the best school for you if you already know or have recently realized that you want to pursue a degree in business administration. There are numerous business administration programs available to pick from, whether you decide to study in-person at a conventional college campus or online.

So, how is business administration study at the University of the People? Let’s briefly discuss it:

In our degree-granting and certificate programs at UoPeople, you will study with peers from more than 200 nations and territories. Our authorized university does all of its business online.

You have the option of obtaining a business administration associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree (MBA). We also provide certificate programs in the area that don’t lead to degrees.

Learn more about the advantages of the University of the People here. Also keep in mind that as all courses are offered online, students have the utmost freedom to choose their own academic plan.

Final Thoughts

Is business administration a decent major, you inquired? “, and we hope that the details in this article satiated your curiosity.

Anyone who want to pursue a career in business should consider majoring in business administration. You might require a higher-level degree, such as a master’s in business administration, depending on the type of career you want to land (MBA). For instance, this graduate degree is frequently pursued by business owners and C-suite executives.

The fundamental undergraduate degree in business administration (associate’s or bachelor’s) will prepare you for entry-level positions, after which you might be able to advance through experience.

The best advice we can give is to think carefully about your career goals. Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, do some research to determine what level of college business administration coursework you’ll require. Once you have that knowledge, you should start studying.

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