Caregiver for elderly & seniors job in victoria, Canada

Need Caregiver for elderly for:
Companionship and conversation, Walks and outings, Mobility support, Driving, Errands/Shopping, Cleaning & Laundry, Light domestic work, Cooking meals, Bathing & Dressing

Job Description

Care of Carol (also elderly now) and disabled from medical error in 2006. Mobility by wheelchair mostly. Left-arm paralyzed, left leg weak. Bilateral blindness left side of both eyes. Some brain deficits. She loves to go to the ocean, see flowers, trees, nature, participate in meal planning, talk on the phone, do the daily word search from the newspaper, visit friends, travel, attend church, and be involved in whatever is happening around. Spouse: Meal prep, housekeeping, and laundry.


REQUIRED by employer: Bachelor of Nursing or Physical Therapy degree. ENGLISH language ability.

MANDATORY: ENGLISH required for this position. DO NOT APPLY if you do not speak English. The government of Canada requires that you have the ability to communicate in one of the official languages. It does not have to be perfect–but you are required to take IELTS General Training Course.

MANDATORY: Degree, diploma or certificate of at least 1 year post-secondary education equivalency to Canada (13 years minimum education).

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: 5 positions–recruitment in process–2+ years processing time for Home Support Worker Pilot. IEC in Canada (or approved overseas), LMIA in Canada, & overseas Home Support Worker Pilot positions available.

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