Fully Funded RTP Scholarship at Monash University

How to Apply For a Fully Funded RTP Scholarship at Monash University

This is how to apply for a fully funded RTP scholarship at Monash University in Australia. It also highlights the automatic consideration for a tuition scholarship of over $35,000 Australian dollars.


  • Fully funded RTP scholarship available at Monash University in Australia.
  • Automatic consideration for a tuition scholarship of $35,000 Australian dollars.
  • Eligibility criteria include being an international student and meeting English language proficiency requirements.
  • Admission requirement includes submitting an expression of interest to find a supervisor.
  • Deadlines for scholarship applications vary, with some programs accepting applications year-round.

Let’s talk about the tuition scholarship, but before that, if you’ve gotten any value so far, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you’re not a subscriber. This is the homeland of international opportunities, and we want to make sure you achieve your dream of studying abroad.

Monash International Tuition Scholarship

Now, let’s go into the tuition scholarship. I just want to show you that you don’t have to do anything because you’ll be automatically considered for the tuition scholarship. This is called the Monash International Tuition Scholarship, and you can see right here the close date is 31st of March and also 31st of August each year, so there are two deadlines. You can apply whichever.

You can see the benefits right here: tuition fee offset, and also health insurance is also covered. For you to be eligible, you just have to be an international student, and then you need to meet the Monash competitive scholarship selection process requirement, which we have already taken a look at, and also the Monash English language proficiency requirement.

how to apply

You can see how to apply. Application for The Graduate scholarships is done at the time of applying for your course, whether you’re a new or a current student. The same application process is used for both admission and scholarship via the application portal. You do not need to specify which scholarship you are applying for, as you are automatically considered for all graduate research scholarships if eligible.

And also for the RTP scholarship, it is still the same application process. You just have to apply for admission, and you do not need to specify which scholarship you are applying to. You’ll be automatically considered for all graduate scholarships. And the deadline, you can see right here for international students is 31st of March, so you have to start the work right away.

For domestic students, it’s 31st of May, and this is for the RTP scholarship. And we also have 31st of August for international students later in the year. So whichever you can apply, and you can also see, as we looked at some programs, do not even use the deadlines. You can apply at any time, and you’ll be considered on a rolling basis.

when applying for your program

So guys, you might have to pay an application fee of $100 when applying for your program. However, you can waive this application fee if you attend an exhibition, a seminar, or an interview session where Monash staff are present. But if you did not attend any of these, you can also request for a waiver code by submitting your written request to this email address right here. So you can see the email address on your screen. You can send a written request to this email address and ask for a waiver.

But I would strongly advise that if you have gotten a supervisor, $100 should not stop you from applying to this University because you stand a high chance of getting the scholarships, and that will really be of benefit and help you achieve your dreams of studying abroad. But whichever, you have the email address right here to request for a waiver.

So guys, that will be it for this channel; there’s a lot of opportunities for you in countries all over the world, in the UK, in Australia, in Canada, in the USA. So go over to Eugene Brown and do not forget to like, comment, and share this to your friends and family. Until we meet again, keep pursuing your dreams.

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